Thruster service

The Propulsion Systems Service Department has many years of experience in inspection and overhaul of thrusters of all leading makers, such as:

  • Jastram,
  • Brunvoll,
  • Kawasaki,
  • Rolls Royce,
  • ABB/ Zamech,
  • Schottel,
  • Nakashima,
  • Wartsilla,
  • Ulstein,
  • HRP,
  • Veth,
  • Hyundai,
  • others.

Tunnel thruster service offer:


  1. Inspection:


  • checking the axial clearance and backlash,
  • assessment of tooth adhesion ,
  • assessment of bevel gear condition,
  • pitch test (in the case of CPP).
  1. Repairs:
  • major overhaul – 10 years,
  • replacement of seals and bearings,
  • setting the clearence,
  • performing a pitch and leak tests. 
  • minor overhaul – 5 years,
  • replacement of seals,
  • checking clearence,
  • performing a pitch and leak tests. 
  • overhaul in emergency mode,
  • replacement of seals and bearings,
  • setting the clearence,
  • performing a pitch and leak tests. 
  1. Regeneration of flaps:
  • welding
  • welding the inset,
  • panel measurement, balancing and polishing. 

Our experience allows us to carry out overhauls of thrusters:

  • in dry dock,
  • in afloat condition using pontoons.

In addition, we can perform a comprehensive renovation in our modern workshop

in Gdansk. BOTA TECHNIK employees remove the rudder from the unit, transport it to the workshop and carry out the necessary renovation work.

We have our own machine park and Design Department that support repairs, thanks to which we ensure the highest quality of work in a short time.

Depending on the clients’ needs, we send a specialist / service engineer for supervision, or a full team consisting of a service technician and fitters to carry out a comprehensive renovation.

At the shipowner’s request, we can analyze the oil sample taken from the rudder or tank.


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