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1. Unrivalled scope from power generation till propeller

Bota Technik is able to offer execution of marine projects starting from power generation based on Cummins Inc products though drive solutions and motors from ABB and ending on different kinds of propulsons and propellers. We are very flexible to find a solution best matching requirements of our customers. Bota Technik is authorized partner of Cummins and ABB. Offered power range is from 0.55kW till 3000 kW from a single module (motor or drive). 

What CAN we offer?

Bota Technik offers modern and proved solutions as well as service, maintenance and after sales support.

2. ACTIVE HEAVE COMPENSATION (AHC) & other offshore applications

Bota Technik strongly promote Offshore Control Program +N5800 (Smart winch). It works with ABB ACS880 drives. This Software is recommended for applications like:

For more effective application work multimotor functionality is supported up 10 drives. This is called Master-Follower. Master drive can send torque reference signal to follower or alternatively position synchronization reference signal if there is missing mechanical connection.


Bota Technik may move you into the latest solutions for winch applications. Nevertheless you want to install a new winch control or retrofit the old one Bota Technik is a right partner for you. We use software ABB N5100 for deck machinery winch. Our solution for anchoring/mooring winches does not need a load cell sensor, PLC, encoder. Everything is embedded in ABB ACS880 drive. This approach gives features like: anchor control, hand mooring mode, mechanical motor brake control and master-follower for multiple winches control.

If your winch control is reaching end of lifespan while your three speed AC motor is in a good condition we can power up this motor with a new life. We can adopt our control to the old motor and you still can have benefits from all the features described above.


1 Winch control included in the drive – no need for external controllers       2 Full control of speed and torque

without a shaft encoder          3 Automooring is possible without a load cell sensor         4 Multiple control stands connect directly to the drive

Do you need an electric propulsion?

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